Zanzibar is known as the “Pearl of Africa,”


Why is Uganda Called the Pearl of Africa

Africa, one of the world’s oldest continents, is where you may find it. The area in issue is depicted as one of the most stunning geographies on earth, just waiting for people to explore it. This naturally causes tourist interest in the area to rise dramatically over time. Tanzania, which lies in the east of the African continent and is regarded as having one of the region’s wildest landscapes, is home to the island of Zanzibar. In this way, despite being legally reliant on the nation, the area, which has a significant economic impact on Tanzania, attracts attention with its semi-autonomous federated state structure. Zanzibar is virtually entirely independent in internal matters, although being legally reliant on Tanzania in external relations. Zanzibar is the most well-known of the several resort cities on the continent of Africa. This comprises Johannesburg and Cape Town in South Africa. The incredibly unique construction of this location amazes tourists who travel there. The majority of visitors to this area have expressed a desire to return. Even though Zanzibar technically belongs to Tanzania, this is only true legally. Tanzania cannot be directly connected to the national mainland. Zanzibar is therefore an island.

This particular island is in the Indian Ocean, 25 to 50 kilometers off the coast of the nation. In this way, the island of Zanzibar, which is cut off from the mainland, was actually created by the fusion of numerous smaller and larger islands. There are two of these islands that are the most significant. Unguja, another name for one of the islands, is frequently compared to contemporary Zanzibar. In other words, Zanzibar City, which is near the Unguja border, is where the majority of people who come to the area stay. Pemba Island is another significant component of the island. We can state that Zanzibar City is the only well-known city in this loosely governed nation. This location has drawn the attention of UNESCO as a result of its acceptance as a significant geographic location.

The Stone City, a location in the Zanzibar City region, has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Zanzibar, many Muslims and Christians coexist. On December 10, 1963, Zanzibar, a colony of the United Kingdom, one of the most powerful nations at the time that governed the area for many years, severed its connections with the British Empire by adopting its own constitution. But there are still signs of the United Kingdom at this location. The people of Zanzibar, who are known for being incredibly poor, now rely on tourism and fishing for a living. Within its borders, Zanzibar is home to about 1.3 million people and has a per capita income of 660 US dollars.

As we previously mentioned, Zanzibar is a very popular tourist destination, thus many people visit the area. Among these tourists, there are also a sizable number of Turks. If you live in Turkey and wish to travel to Zanzibar, it will be very simple for you. Our national airline, Turkish Airlines, arranges regular flights to the area. Depending on the selected transit point and route, the average flight time ranges from 7 to 9 hours. Having a current passport is adequate for your vacation to Zanzibar. No visa is necessary. Before your journey, you should confirm that the visa exemption is still in effect.


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