Who is Yusuf Hayalolu?

Yusuf Hayaloglu

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Yusuf Hayalolu debuted in the Ovacak village of Tunceli in 1953. He started his educational journey in Tunceli. He received the right to board at Haydarpaşa High School after passing the State Free Boarding Examination and finishing second in Turkey. He spent some time in Elazig attending high school.

He then made his way to Istanbul to continue his education at the painting department of the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts. On the other hand, in order to pay his bills, he worked as a graphic artist in Caalolu printing facilities. Whenever he had the chance, he produced jewelry and accessory models for jewelry workshops. In order to marry Mine Hayalolu, he stopped going to school in 1972. His three children from this marriage had the names Deniz, Hazan, and Can.


He was a painter in the military and later worked as a reporter for a significant Elazig newspaper.


After arriving in Istanbul, Yusuf Hayalolu started working at Güney Filmmaking. He contributed to the writing of screenplays, stories, novels, posters, and postcards during his three years here. He was imprisoned throughout the September 12 procedure. After being released from prison, he opened a workshop in Caalolu where he continued to create paintings and graphic designs for publishing and printing companies.


When his sister Gülten married Ahmet Kaya, a new chapter in Hayalolu’s life began. On his poems, which he had written and shelved for years, he worked with Ahmet Kaya. After reading these poems, Ahmet Kaya started working with Hayalolu.


Together, they produced a wide range of works, such as The Gift of Separation, Name Bahtiyar, and Tired Demokrat. In addition, Hayalolu collaborated with numerous artists on this project and wrote a number of compositions, leaving his mark on the period with these pieces. The same year Ahmet Kaya left Turkey, Yusuf Hayalolu’s debut album, Ah Ulan Rza, was released.


Later in 2002, Hayalolu released her poetry collection, Gözleri Suicihar Mavi, to great acclaim. His book became the 48th edition, setting a record. However, after losing his mother, brother, and friend Ahmet Kaya in a matter of days, Yusuf Hayalolu’s health significantly declined. Hayalolu persisted in producing his works despite this and never stopped working.


His second album, Bir Acayip Adam, set sales records. He created shows for numerous TV channels after his success. He was respected. Yusuf Hayalolu, a patient with lung cancer, passed away in 2009 at Bakrköy Acbadem, the hospital where he received treatment. In the cemetery at Yeniköy, he was buried.

yusuf hayaloglu


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