What is emphysema? What are the Methods of Protection?


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Emphysema is a respiratory disease. Symptoms include shortness of breath and breathlessness. Emphysema is a slow choking condition. If we look deeper, it is a respiratory disease caused by the damage and narrowing of the small air sacs in the lung. Emphysema is also known as the slowing down of your ability to take carbon dioxide in the blood and transfer oxygen, and then stopping this work.

Symptoms of the disease include shortness of breath and inability to breathe. It is the inability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen due to a lack of oxygen in small spaces. Furthermore, due to frequent breathing, the rib cage begins to take the shape of a barrel in people with this disease. People experiencing these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention and consult a respiratory specialist.

So, how can we protect ourselves and fight this disease? The most significant obstacle is that it is a cigarette. Cigarettes and other toxic toxin-containing substances impair liver function. If you have emphysema symptoms, you should avoid smoking. Bitter Red Pepper is a medicinal plant that helps to clean the respiratory tract, renew and clean the sacs in the lungs. Including a lot of hot red pepper and mullein in your meals will protect you from any respiratory disease that may occur in the future.

In addition, Tea, which we use and consume on a daily basis, is a plant that heals these diseases. Speaking of tea, scientists have discovered that black and green tea contain theophylline, a chemical that removes phlegm in the lungs, as well as six different types of expectorant substances. In this case, drinking at least one cup of tea per day will be beneficial to Emphysema patients. Of course, when drinking tea, it is critical to ensure that the tea is fresh.

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