What exactly is a barcode?


What is barcode?

Barcode, We all go to the grocery store or market at least once a day to get whatever we need.
Each product we buy has a single label made up of varying thickness lines.
We go to the cashier after purchasing the items we require.
The cashier at the register tells you the total amount you want to pay by scanning the labels on the products we buy separately with one hand.
Have you ever wondered what these labels are for, or what the numbers and lines on them mean? These labels, which are detected on the back of every product, are known as BARCODE.

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What exactly is this Barcode?

In a nutshell, the barcode is the only symbol formed by black bars that is generally rectangular, consists of thin and thick lines drawn parallel to each other, and the spaces between these lines.
Automatic data entry to the computer is provided in a quick single way using barcodes.
It is now being used in many parts of the world.


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