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Vural Celik

Vural Çelik Kimdir? - Güncel Vural Çelik Haberleri

Vural Celik is an artist who was born in Ankara on March 18, 1973. He is from Ordu. When he was in middle and high school, he was imitating many different people, and everyone enjoyed his imitations. One of the most well-liked students in middle and high school, he is. He submitted an application for the Levent Krca Theater’s actor advertisement in 1989 and was accepted.

He transitioned from the Levent Krca Theater to the Yasemin Yalçn Theater. At the Yasemin Yalçn Theater, he was Selahattin Taşdöen’s assistant. He met Necati Akpnar while performing this task, and as a result, he started to learn about organizing.

After learning about the group for a while, artist Vural elik met Ylmaz Erdoan and participated in BKM. He took on the roles of Kubilay Peynirciolu and Gülenay Cheeseciolu in the European Side TV series, playing them repeatedly. He currently appears in the television show Eighties.

Participating in theater productions and television series has helped the artist gain popularity. Vural elik, who got his start in theater when he was young, has also frequently gushed about how well his roles in the series have gone.

plays in which Vural elik appeared on stage;

Becomes Me, the Sheiks
A Firefly: Have You Ever Seen One?

the motion pictures in which actor Vural elik performed;

In 1998, everything will be alright.

GORA debuted in 2003.

2005 organized works

2007’s Bayrampasa: I Won’t Remain for Long

Bring Me Along in 2010

In addition to movies, comedies make up the majority of the roles that Vural elik, the popular face of the TV series, plays. The actor, who portrays a popular comedy character, has been adored in every persona he has created.

television shows in which Vural elik appeared;

1995’s A Bunch Theater

2000 sunburns

Between 2004 and 2008, the European side

Istanbul In 2009, I cherished my life.

In 2010, come to me with these.

2011: Nouri

2011 Yahşi Attraction

He played a part in the television series Eighties from 2012 to 2014. He continues to be one of the series Eighties’ most well-liked actors.

In the television shows and movies he appeared in, Vural elik was consistently one of the most sought-after actors. He portrays the characters he plays well. The public will smile for a very long time when an artist plays in the comedy genre.



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