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Volkan Konak


On February 27, 1967, Volkan Konak was born in Trabzon Maçka. The artist began his studies at the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory with the support of his teacher after completing his primary, secondary, and high school education in Maçka. He received his master’s degree in social sciences with a focus on folk music from Istanbul Technical University in 1988. In 1991, he completed his education.

The music he collected in Maçka served as the foundation for his early musical studies. He then began to compose after that. He successfully entered the music industry by developing a distinctive personal sound.
He was able to popularize the music of the Black Sea. He released his third album after completing his military service. Because of the numerous family members he lost to cancer, the musician preferred emotional songs and compositions throughout his entire musical career. For his father, he also wrote the song Cerrahpaşa.

With his albums and songs, the musician has won numerous accolades. one of these honors;

1997 Best Music Artist Award from Politics Magazine

2003 Best Folk Music Artist Award from King Television

Golden Man of the Year Award from the Baskent Group in 2005

The Kral Television Folk Music Artist of the Year Award was given in 2005.

2005 Award for Magazine Journalists’ Artist of the Year

2005 D.M.C. Diamond Record Award

2006 MU- YAP Gold Plaque Award

Folk Music Artist of the Year Award from the 2009 Golden Butterfly Awards

2010 D.M.C Platinum Award

Turkish Folk Music Special Award from King Television in 2010

The 2011 TRT Music Best Folk Music Artist Award

Award for 2011’s Best Television Music Program from TRT Music

The 38th Golden Butterfly Award for Male Soloists in Turkish Folk Music will be presented in 2011.

In addition to working on albums, he also hosts the music show Kuzey’in Son. With his voice and compositions, he is among the well-known figures among Turkish and Black Sea people. albums by artists;

1987’s Horon Place of the Waters

1993 saw Efulim

Would you accompany me in 1994?

In 1996, volcanic fragments

In 1998, Pedaliza

2000 North Wind

2003’s Maranda

2006 saw Morea

2009’s Mimosa

Lifor albums are included in 2012.

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