Volkan Işık: Who is he?

Volkan Işık


Volkan Işık is a well-known and accomplished rally driver who was born in Istanbul on September 11, 1967. In 1989, he joined Opel to begin his career in rallies. The Ali Sipahi Rally is his first competition. He finished this rally in tenth place. He finished the season in seventh place with twelve points.

In 1991, he joined the Tofaş Motorsport team and began using Murat131. In 1993, after Renç Koçibey passed away, he decided to take a career break. It was noted that before taking a break from his career, he became accustomed to driving Fiat vehicles.

In 1997, he resumed his professional career. Despite having tough competition throughout the season, he came in third place. He joined Team Atakan in 1998 and began driving the Toyota Corolla WRC. He won the season’s first championship. Until 2001, he stayed on the same team. In 2001, he established the Fiat Abarth Motorsport Turkey team. With his team, he finished third in 2001. In the years 2002 and 2003, he won the title. In 2007, he preferred racing in Europe, came in second with the Grande Punto S2000, and finished third overall for the year.

Volkan Işk, who arrived in Europe in 2007, won the FIA Teams Cup division at the Rally Portugal in 1999. He finished sixth in the Rally of China during the same time frame. As the first Turkish champion in this rally, he cemented his place in history.

Volkan Işk Academy was established in 2006 by rally champion Volkan Işk with the belief that driving is a culture. This school, which has educated numerous students, has achieved success and elevated automobile driving to a profession.

Volkan Işk, who offers training with specialized personnel, ascertains the issues unique to Turkey and provides an educational system in accordance.

He collaborates with engineers on projects to develop racing tires. It was created by Volkicar, who also designed Turkey’s first racing vehicle. Volkan Işk, a well-known rally driver, supports the growth of rally in Turkey by sharing his experiences and automotive projects with the younger generation in the academy in an effort to instill responsible automobile use. By winning rallies for Turkey and teaching this awareness to his students, the successful rally driver.



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