Ümit Zileli: Who is he?

Ümit Zileli

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In 1959, Ümit Zileli was born. He received his degree from the Faculty of Communication at Gazi University. In 1978, he began his journalism career at Anadolu Agency. He later worked for the newspapers Barş, Ekspres, Günaydn, and Ankara. He was a correspondent for Güneş, a publication established in Los Angeles, California, in 1982. He started working for the newspapers Nokta, Güneş, Son Havadis, Bulvar, and Milliyet after moving back to Turkey.

He presided over the TRT channel program Changing Art and 25 Squares in 1991. Later, he moderated discussions on the channels Channel 6 and Channel E. Finally, he continues to serve as the host of the Söz Sizde program on Business Channel Turk televisions. When private radios first went on the air in 1993, he launched Sesli Gazete, his first news commentary program. On weekday mornings, Radio Tatlses broadcasts the continuation of the program.

He has been publishing his articles in the Cumhuriyet Newspaper’s Flat Line column since 1997. Additionally, he hosts the Voice Ver Turkey program that can be seen on Avrasya TV and Kanal Biz. Additionally, he served as a commentator for the Dynamite program on Beyaz TV screens, which was hosted by Latif Imşek and Rasim Ozan Kütahyal. He writes a column for Odatv as well.

A member of the Turkey P:E.N Writers Association, Ümit Zileli. In the 2014 elections, he was presented as the Workers Party’s candidate for mayor of Istanbul, Işli. The Workers Party received 1% of the vote in these elections and had the highest district vote rate.

In addition to his columns, Ümit Zileli has published books throughout his career. He has published several books, including Shoot Order: Tunceli Memoirs of a Second Lieutenant, Writings Against Darkness: Racist, Shariatist, Mandate Siege, Collaborators, Betrayal of Intellectuals, Vurgun Democracy, and Tragedy of the People: A Brief History of the Counter-Revolution.

Despite having a demanding schedule, journalist and presenter Ümit Zileli has been successful in his career. His comments on the programs he commented on were noteworthy, and he continued to write columns and garner attention. Whether journalist and author Ümit Zileli will run again in the upcoming elections is uncertain. With the votes he garnered for the Labor Party in the year he was nominated, he demonstrated that he could succeed in politics.



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