Types of Characters in Moral Science

Characters in Moral Science

In moral science, temper is the faculty of the mind and the heart, that is, its design. This is in business. The disposition that is fixed in man; a transitory habit is considered a condition. For example, smiling and being embarrassed are states. Courage and generosity are abilities. Huy, that is, when it comes to love, it is the beauty of the angel. Sometimes donating is not a habit. He always helps if he is generous. Even if he does it all the time, if he does it by force, you will still aid liberally. He who will practice with ease and violence will thereafter be generous.

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Huy, there is no one who does not do terrible or good things. It might also cause you to do something that is neither good nor evil. we are branded wicked or dishonor. Such is stinginess and provision. channel is termed good or virtue. So are boldness, charity and tenderness. The third is termed art or craft, not dishonor. Such is tailoring and farming.

The Two Forces of Spirit and Heart

There are two of the soul and the hearted:

1- Is it positive, which is stated as “quvve-i alime”. This power is called reason and speech. These are the things that hard thought attains.

2- It is the force that moves, that is, ours.


Both forces differ in themselves. The mind has two parts:

1- A first-year student is termed wisdom theory.

2- Second school education is given a moniker of wisdom.

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The constructive force is also in two parts:

1- The first year student of the constructive force is termed desire, which is a delicious energy that wants to be realized.

2- It is termed the second education of the force that is constructive, it is a force that wants to keep away from what is occurring and those who do not like ga.

These four variances emerge from various forms of force. If these actions are beautiful, rational, free and not free, then the conduct that accomplishes these works is termed virtue. A habit that does more or less labor is termed shame. If the personal theory is good, this action is termed wisdom. The second item that comes to the fore is the modest wisdom-i action, which is termed justice when it is excellent. If the soul and the item are excellent in the manner they are in use, then this character is called chastity. But if the gadabi component is positive, then this conduct is termed shajaat. The beginning of kindness is this feature we count.

Justice and Persecution

There is no more or less justice. There is either justice or there is not. The other three are inadequate and unfinished. The other extreme of knowledge is cerbeze, a hubris. Lack of it is a plague, it is also termed obtuseness. There is no excess or lack of fairness. It can only be contradictory, and that is cruelty.

For the price of virginity, fucur is depravity. Its lack is dampness, tiredness and inaccuracy. Secaatin, tahawwur is aggressiveness. What he lacks is cowardice. This is the morals, the revival section of Imam-i Ghazali (rahmatullahi aleyh) is like this.

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The Consequence of Bad Habits

A person who is midget is arrogant for things like gossip, mind as mad, soul. Again, someone who is distressed cannot grasp the truth. the terrible and the inexpensive are in good shape. A person having knowledge of tahawwr puts himself in peril. He can also try to confront a formidable adversary. A cowardly person cannot be patient and suffer. He cannot claim his right. People with fucur depart from eating, drinking and getting married, doing acts opposed to Islam, makruh and haram. Ugly takes joy in terrible acts. Humud also abandons halal joys and acceptable wants. For this reason, it will expire or become extinct.

In people, four schools are a good school, it originates from the good fundamental (primary) temperament stated above. Everyone brags about these four attributes. They even take delight in being proud of their lineage or family, and that they have certain features.



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