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Turkan Soray

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On June 28, 1945, Turkan Soray was born in Istanbul. Oray is well-known in Turkish cinema as an actor, director, and screenwriter; he goes by the moniker “Sultan.” Born in Istanbul’s Eyüp neighborhood, Türkan Oray comes from a family of civil servants. Two sisters belong to the famous artist. In 1983, Türkan oray wed the well-known theater performer Cihan Ünal; they were parents to Yamur. His mother Meliha oray’s encouragement helped him break into the film industry. Türker Nanolu also contributes significantly to this point. The accomplished actor, who appeared in numerous movies, also received numerous honors. Together with Hülya Koçyiit, Fatma Girik, and Filiz Akn, Türkan oray is one of the names who made their marks on a period of Turkish cinema. Her films, which are regarded as classic Turkish films, continue to cement her place in people’s memories. Up until this point, the master artist has been seen in about 200 movies.

Some Films Featuring Türkan Oray

2009’s Golden Girls

2007’s Hicran Street

2007’s Love Again

2006’s You Are The Woman Of My Life

Cémile (2006)

2003 Unsent Letters

1997’s Nihavend Miracle

(2000) Gravity Love

1994’s For a Love

1991 Violet Cove

1990’s It Was Cold and It Was Drizzle

1989 at the Dead Sea

Isle of 1988

1987’s My Dreams, My Love, and You

Handkerchief – 1985

1984’s I Want a Love

Dam – 1977

1977’s Dila Hanm

1976 earthquake

The 1973 film How to Get Rid of Asiye

torture (1973)

1973’s I’m in Trouble

Back in 1972

1972’s Foggy Memories

There is a 1972 incident.

1972: Persecution

1971 Fire Fragment

1971’s A Young Girl’s Novel

1971’s A Woman Disappeared

1971’s Bride Flower

1969’s Bitter Pain

Aysem – 1968

1967’s You Are Always In My Heart

Main – 1967

1966: Eli Mashali

Sirin and Ferhat, 1966

1966 Black Rose

1965’s Goodbye Darling

1965’s Black Eyes

Slut – 1965

The Goodbye Bus of 1965

1964’s Bombshell

1963,Bitter Love

1963: Young Girls

1962’s God Said Rejoice

1962’s Bitter Life

1962’s The Man in the Glass

1961’s Remember Darling

1961’s Destiny is Unstoppable

1961’s For Sister’s Sake

1961’s Angels Are My Witnesses

Bus Riders in 1961

Adorable Bandit, 1961

1961 Black Angel

1961’s Shameless Man

1960’s Love Wind

1960’s I Loved a Girl in the Village.

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