Top 10 2022 Inventions

Top 10 2022 Inventions

Top 10 2022 Inventions since the beginning of time, humans have worked and researched to improve their quality of life, make their work easier, and live a more comfortable life. He attempted to explain and seek a solution to every problem that he encountered. As a result, countless inventions and inventions have emerged over the years. Many of them are used in our daily lives. Of course, some inventions were made in 2017. In this article, we will look at the inventions that occurred in 2022.

Top 10 2022 Inventions

Every year, Time Magazine examines hundreds of inventions around the world, ranging from scientific breakthroughs to new tools and gadgets to everyday products, and selects 25 of the best. In the November 2022 issue, we see that brands such as Apple, Nintendo, and Tesla stand out in this list. Robots and virtual reality glasses are prominent among the inventions. We wanted to select the top ten items from this list and share them with you.

10. Wheels of Stress

Stres Çarkı, AB'nin Tehlikeli Ürünler Listesine Alındı

Let’s begin with the most affordable invention: Stress Wheels. You’ve probably seen these brightly colored little wheels, which were relatively inexpensive throughout 2017, in the hands of many children and adults. Although it was initially intended for children with disorders such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, it has been observed that almost everyone later uses it. According to experts, having something to do with our hands helps people concentrate. Perhaps this is why it drew so much attention and was released in every color imaginable.

9. Halo Top

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As stated earlier, we will not limit this list to technological inventions. We will also include inventions that help us in our daily lives. One of them is Halo Top. Halo Top, which is similar to ice cream, contains significantly less sugar than traditional ice creams. A kilo of Halo Ball contains a maximum of 360 calories. It achieves this low-calorie structure by using the artificial sweetener Stevia. This low-cost ice cream variety has found great success as an aperitif, with annual sales increasing by 2500% last year.

8. Nike Pro Hijab

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Rather than technology, this invention was chosen to promote the value of diversity in sports and to combat xenophobia. Nike, the world’s most influential sports company, has introduced Pro Hijab, which will be available in spring 2018 for around $35. This is an invention that was created because it is difficult for Muslim athletes to participate in sports while wearing a headscarf, and it allows them to pursue their passion for sports. Nike Pro is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture; athletes who use it say it helps control sweating.

7. Nintendo Switch

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Let’s continue the top ten series of 2017 inventions with the best gadget of the year for kids and adults! The New Nintendo Switch is a video game console that adapts to the user’s preferences. In one mode, it is a home console; in another, it is a portable tablet that allows a single user to play while traveling; and in yet another, it allows multiple users to use two game controllers. Nintendo reports that it has sold over 8 million Nintendo Switches since its March release.

6. Jibo: Dating a Robot


This invention claims to be the best technological innovation in recent years. Jibo is the world’s first family robot and bears no resemblance to other personal robot startups such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. This robot has truly humanoid features, the most notable of which is emotional interaction. Its appearance, tone of voice, humor, and sympathy make you feel as if you have a little friend. Jibo can tell children stories and will obey voice commands. For example, you can have it take a photo simply by saying “Jibo, take a picture.” Despite the fact that its creators felt Jibo still had a lot to learn, it has become quite popular.

5. iPhone 13

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Of course, the products of the world’s most famous mobile phone company – Apple – could not be excluded from the list of the best inventions in 2017. According to Time Magazine, the iPhone X is the most sophisticated smartphone in the world. It has a 5.8-inch screen on the front of the phone with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels and a 12 MP front camera smart enough to unlock the phone by recognizing users’ faces. It can be seen that the iPhone X, which is a very ambitious product, garners a lot of attention in our country.

4. eSight 3


Blind glasses! This is one of the most significant inventions of 2017 because it improves the quality of life for many blind people. eSight 3 simulates real vision; these powerful glasses record high-definition videos and use magnification, contrast, and special algorithms to enhance these images, allowing blind people to participate in sports. It enables them to participate in a wide range of activities, including Despite the fact that the product’s high price makes it difficult to obtain, it is known that it is used by over 1000 patients worldwide.

3. Tesla Model 3

2021 tesla model 3 tanitildi iste yenilikler ve fiyatlar 3

The design of the new Tesla Model 3 is one of the best developments in automotive technology in 2017. Tesla Model 3, one of the most anticipated and sought-after cars in 2017, promises to overcome the problems associated with electric vehicles, such as high price and limited range. The Tesla Model 3, which is reasonably priced in comparison to other electric vehicles and features, has a driving range of more than 320 kilometers on a single charge. The company stated that they are receiving 1800 orders per day, which is exceeding their expectations, and that they are working hard to keep up.

2. Thyssenkrupp MULTI

thyssenkrupp elevator multi image w662 h497

“Buildings are becoming vertical cities, necessitating a flexible transportation system akin to the subway,” says Markus Jetter. MULTI, a beltless elevator system by German firm Thyssenkrupp, was another of the world’s greatest inventions in 2017. The technology used to move elevators via shafts employs the same magnetic mechanism as Japan’s magnetic cable cars. The first MULTI will take place in Berlin in 2021.

1. NASA Mars Insight

370 insight lander PIA22743

Finally, the list of the ten most important inventions would be incomplete without a NASA invention. The NASA Mars Insight project includes a module scheduled for May 2018 to study the interior of the red planet. In this way, it is hoped to comprehend the past structure of all planets. The date of May 2018, when the Earth and the neighboring planet align, was chosen to make the interplanetary transition as brief as possible. This project is expected to take up to 728 earth days.


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