The Importance of Spending Time with Your 1-3 Year Old Baby



Why spend one-on-one time with your child | First Five Years

As your baby is born and grows, you will have a better understanding of your responsibility and you will have to act according to its needs.

Although the development of infants aged 1-3 is perhaps the most important process throughout life, it is the right thing to be with you and experience innovations together in this period of rapid development. In this period, when the baby will bond with his mother, it is very important to develop a sense of trust by feeling the parent next to him. In this process, babies who establish a bond of trust with their mother will begin to realize that they are valuable and important as well as realizing their own selves in the second stage. After the baby begins to feel himself as an individual, his curiosity about the environment begins, and your answers to his own reactions will also help your baby discover innovations in this period. Babies begin to recognize their environment by touch and taste and will also develop during this period.

The child’s 1-3-year-old development will become even more mischievous as he sees that he has a lot to do in his new world as an individual as he continues with dressing, eating and then toilet training on his own. In this process, although it is necessary to gain the habit of regulating the behaviors such as sleeping, waking up, and responding to warnings that will be beneficial for the development of the child, the mother will be the biggest helper here. Although this age period is the most important process in your baby’s language development, it is recommended that you engage in activities that will start to develop your baby’s vocabulary. Starting to read story books and telling tales to your baby, who started to grow with lullabies from the moment he was born, should become habits that should definitely not be neglected in this respect. For the language development of children between the ages of 1-3, it is also recommended to look at children’s magazines, newspapers, picture books together with the experts, and to show the pictures and say them aloud by the mother.

Play dough, which is among the products that support the development of 1-3 years old, will allow you to have a pleasant time together and will also be effective in the development of their skills. It is important for mothers to adopt the behavior that supports the development of babies in this age group, and you should be generous in offering opportunities. Although there are things you need to implement in order for children in this age group to learn discipline, setting strict rules and not showing tolerance are among the things you should definitely not do. Although it is important for 1-3 year old children to know that their mothers are determined, it will be a useful method for you to offer options when you need to be flexible about what you want them to do. Acting in a warmer manner instead of commanding sentences or commands will also be effective in your baby’s development.


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