Ozhan Eren: Who is he?

Ozhan Eren

zhan eren

Ozhan Eren was born in Istanbul on March 8, 1959. In his hometown of Amasya, he finished his elementary education. He earned his survey engineering degree in Ankara after completing his university studies. He worked as an engineer in Ankara and other cities after graduating. He began composing while still a high school student and participated in the orchestra. These compositions were subsequently added to the TRT repertoire. He continued his musical career by teaching choral studies and giving private lessons in addition to compositions.

The well-known musician relocated to Istanbul and composed music for motion pictures, documentaries, commercials, and television shows. During this time, Zhan Eren, who had taken a break from his composition studies, began to compose once more in the album works of some artists.

With the release of the folk song Black Train, zhan Eren, who gained a lot of attention for his compositions, rose to fame both in Turkey and abroad. After this traditional song, Zhan Eren saw a huge increase in demand for his compositions and as a result, he put out an album called Güle Yazdm with his original songs on it. The composer generated a lot of interest with his compositions and went on to release three solo albums. In his albums, he only recorded his own compositions.

He issued the album Turnalara Hold, Also Gel in 2001. The war of Sarkamş is the subject of the musical composition Past Time, which Sarkamşl created in 2003. He released an album called Kime Ask in 2005 that also featured his original music. In this album, he also included the folk song from Sarkamş.

His 2005 book, The Road to Sarkamş, which he wrote while referencing the issues and tragic occurrences that the populace went through between 1875 and 1915 and which are the subject of the Sarkamş folk song. The history of the tragic incidents that the residents of Sarkamş experienced is mentioned in his book.

He received a lot of praise for writing the music and lyrics for the song with the same name in the AK Party commercial during the 2011 elections.
The author of the book about Sarkamş used the clearest language possible to capture the issues and challenges of the time. Additionally, he frequently mentioned Sarkamş in his compositions.
With his album works, he won the hearts of the Turkish people and earned high praise. The successful composer never stops honing their craft.

ozhan eren


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