Nejat Uygur is who?

Nejat Uygur


On August 10th, 1927, Nejat Uygur was born in Kilis. Nejat Uygur, who was born to a military father and a teacher mother, wed Necla Uygur in 1950. From this union, he had five kids: Ahmet, Süheyl, Süha, Kemal, and Behzat. Twins Süheyl and Süha were born from these offspring. Siirt, Ezine, and ntepe served as the master theater actor’s primary educational institutions. He finished his secondary education in the cities of Saryer, Anakkale, and Manisa. Nejat Uygur first became interested in theater when he was a young child. As a child, he had a dream of becoming a pilot. smail Dümbüllü took notice of Uygur when he began acting in theater in 1938 while still a primary school student. Nejat Uygur entered the Fine Arts Academy’s Sculpture Department after completing his secondary education and won admission there, but he never completed it. In addition to playing water polo and boxing in 1943, Uygur tried to sate his sporting curiosity. The well-known artist is also a skilled rider of horses. The master artist has been involved in amateur and professional theater for more than 60 years and founded the Nejat Uygur Theater in 1949. The well-known artist has won more than 50 prizes. Nejat Uygur has appeared in a small number of movies as an actor. He performed on stage twice in the USA, four times in Europe, and for almost 35 years in Anatolia. He was designated a “State Artist” by the Ministry of Culture in 1998. On September 10, 2007, Nejat Uygur experienced a partial paralysis on his left side of the body as a result of a blockage in the cerebral vessels. The master artist was receiving treatment for a while when he passed away on November 18, 2013, at around 19.57, from respiratory failure.

Plays for the Theater by Nejat Uygur

– Hello. Is that an asylum?

– Keep Ozal Silent

– Why Did My Mother Leave the House?

Police Station Cibali

the Dynasty

A hospital? Chestnut?

the boiler

– A soldier tends to flowers on his helmet

“Mint Mint”

– Yours Can Also Be Eggplant, Ours Is?

– The My Last Hope lottery

The Song I’ve Been Doing

– Lily

Several Nejat Uygur movies

Mr. Cafer, circa 1970

– Mr. Cafer is Honest, Scrounger, and Kind – 1971

1974: Cafer’s Hookah

2004 Vizontele Tuuba

White Angel, a 2007 film

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