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Or, formerly Burma, is a nation that can be found on the largest continent in the world, Asia. This nation, which is in southeast Asia, used to be known as Burma for a very long time. Although some people still refer to it by this name, the nation is now officially known as the United Republic of Myanmar. Myanmar, one of the region’s sovereign states, has recently gained attention for its harsh policies. This nation, which commits numerous international crimes and acts that are directly at odds with the issue of human rights, has taken advantage of the fact that the world is silent about its own violations. In actuality, the region’s nations, even those that only partially share its viewpoint, provide the country with strength and support. The People’s Republic of China borders Myanmar on the north and northeast, Laos and Thailand on the east, and India and Bangladesh on the west. Bangladesh stands out among these nations due to its predominantly Muslim population. In Myanmar, also known as Burma, there are Muslims. They are known as Arakan Muslims. However, they have experienced more persecution in this area where they have lived for a long time than they have in recent years. In this sense, the Rohingya of Myanmar flee the problem because their villages and fellow believers are subject to a great deal of violence. They are fully aware that they will perish if they do not.

It is unknown whether the Myanmar Rohingya people who were accepted by Bangladesh as a result of Turkey’s financial and moral support following the atrocities will be able to start a new life for themselves. The Andaman Sea is right next to the nation’s border with the Bay of Bengal. With the policies it has put in place recently, Myanmar, which has many residents of various races and religions within its borders, has drawn criticism from the rest of the world. While there are many significant towns across the nation, Naypyidaw stands out as the most notable. Although this city currently serves as the nation’s capital, Yangon previously served in that role. Yangon is still one of the most populated and well-liked cities in Myanmar even though it is no longer the nation’s capital. In 1997, Myanmar made a significant step by joining ASEAN. The Bamar race makes up 68% of the population within the nation’s borders, and they naturally rule it. This race is followed by the Shan, Karen, and Rakine races, which fall into the category of the “remaining minority.”

It’s a little more difficult to get to Myanmar via Turkey. The requirement to transfer has been imposed in this instance due to the lack of a direct scheduled voyage. Typically, transfers go through the People’s Republic of China. The population is 52 million people or so. Myanmar lags behind the majority of the African nations in terms of per capita income. If development initiatives are taken into consideration, Myanmar, a developing nation in Asia, has essentially been at a standstill for a long time.

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