Jane Austen, who is she?

Jane Austen

Jane Austen

The British author, who was shunned for his works like Pride and Prejudice and Emotion and Sensitivity, is renowned for his straightforward storytelling, innovative take on societal situations, and strong female characters. He was born on December 16, 1775 in the Hampshire village of Stevenson. She is George Austen and Cassandra’s seventh child. The author, who began writing at an early age, also had his father’s backing. At first, Jane and her sister were determined not to attend school. However, the close friends and family members of his father were motivated to educate them. Jane had started her first novel at the time of the French Revolution and had really improved. His best buddy is his sister Cassy, and his older brother Henry has always supported him. Jane fell in love when she was 20 years old, but due to her lover’s peculiar obsessions, she was unable to experience love as she had desired. In her letters to her sister, she described this. Due of this affection, she developed the Mr. Darcy character. His greatest strength was his ability to unify people from all walks of life via his writing and achieve emotional achievement. At the age of 27, Bigg Witter was compelled to marry Jane, who had a bad reputation as a stay-at-home mother, but she turned down the proposal. In 1805, his adored father passed away. Even though the news of his passing broke his heart, it strengthened his relationship with his family. For the author who relocated to Champton, it served as inspiration. His writings have drawn influence from lifestyles based on British customs. Women are usually the key protagonists in his books; they were true heroines. It made no difference if they were wealthy or noble whether they were concerned. Every character struggled with something different.

Sentiment and Sensibility, which was published in 1811, was Jane Austen’s first book to experience significant success, and she kept writing nonstop with Pride and Prejudice. His older brother Henry was the book’s biggest fan. The novel Emma, written in the vernacular of aristocratic English ladies who were single at the time, also made its appearance in 1815. She was given a TB diagnosis when she was 41 years old, but it was discovered that she actually had breast cancer. On July 18, 1817, she passed away. After his death, his sister burned his letters, which sparked a lot of discussion among his readers. Numerous of his books have been successfully adapted for the big screen. Emma won an Oscar for “Best Screenplay” when it was turned into a feature picture.

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