Island of Alibey (Cunda)


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Alibey Island, also known as Cunda, is an island in Balikesir that is administratively connected to the Ayvalk district. In the Aegean Sea, it is Turkey’s fourth largest island. It immediately occurs to me why the island was given the name Alibey Island… It is named after Lieutenant Colonel Ali Etinkaya, the commander of the first unit to launch an armed rebellion against the Sultan’s order to “surrender to the Greeks” during the Turkish War of Independence. The island was previously known as Cunda and Moshonisia (Kokuluada), which tourists prefer.

In recent years, Alibey Island has emerged as a major domestic tourism destination. It is particularly well-known for its seafood restaurants along the coast. Fish restaurants are welcoming and enjoyable. Daily boat trips allow visitors to visit the surrounding islands and parts of the island that are difficult to reach by land. Lesbos one-day expeditions are the most popular.

Alibey Island was designated as a natural and historical site in 1976, and 17,900 hectares of land in and around Ayvalk were designated as a natural and historical site.

The Greeks refer to this island, which shares its name with Ayvalk, as Nesos. While walking around Cunda, don’t forget to stop for tea at Taş Kahve.

This island, which separates Ayvalk from the open sea, is accessible by road thanks to a bridge built in 1896. During the summer, you’re more likely to linger on this bridge if you leave the transition to Alibey Island until late at night. You can leave your car in the first car park you find at the entrance to the island and start a pleasant walk.

One of the most appealing aspects of Cunda Island to visitors; appetizers and dishes… On the island, you can sample a variety of fish and seafood. The most popular delicacies are seabass, haddock, and sea bream. Aside from fish, other popular foods on the island include Cunda appetizers made with olive oil.

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