In what sense is Yerevan a city?


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Yerevan ıt is a city inside the boundaries of the nation of Armenia, which is situated in the Caucasus region. The most well-known city in Armenia, Yerevan, has held this distinction for a very long time. With the end of the First World War, this city, which had for a long time been a part of the Ottoman Empire, became wholly independent and the current capital of the Armenian state. As can be seen, Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is regarded as the most significant town within the nation’s borders. The city in question serves as the nation’s political, economic, and cultural capital in this regard.

More investments were made in Yerevan than in other Armenian cities because it is currently thought of as the country’s most significant city. The city has become the most cutting-edge city within the nation’s borders as a result. But when Yerevan’s history is examined, it becomes clear that this city has a very rich past. One of the world’s oldest cities is Yerevan. In this sense, Yerevan in particular, which has maintained its city status throughout history, has hosted numerous cultures and civilizations. Although these areas are thought to be the most developed in all of Armenia, they are a region that deserves to be called a city of international stature. There is no denying that the Ottoman Empire made a significant positive contribution.

The population of Armenia at the time of its founding, which could only be expressed in thousands, grew over time, with Yerevan being the city where this increase was most noticeable. The Caspian River, which is present in the area, is where the city in question got its start. In other words, the city is near the Caspian River, which gives it a distinctive atmosphere. Yerevan is not directly bordered by Turkey, despite the fact that Armenia and Turkey share a land border there. The city spends a little longer inside the nation. This city’s history began in BC, and it is situated in one of the oldest geographical regions in the world. It was established in 782. In this way, this city, which is situated on very old soil, has also been protected by a number of different states. The Russian Empire, one of the great states of the time, and the Ottoman Empire were the two most significant of these. On October 1, 1879, the Russians granted the city its first designation as a city. As can be seen, this city, which has been home to a variety of civilizations, evolved into a place where the Armenian community eventually settled. Due to Turkey’s own authority, Armenians were compelled to emigrate during the First World War. They settled in Yerevan and its surroundings. After the war, Turkey was thought to be defeated and lost many of its lands, including Yerevan.

In Yerevan today, the majority of residents are Armenian. As we said, although it is possible to encounter a very small number of Turks, this number has not grown significantly. Within Yerevan’s boundaries, there are about 1 million people. There are many options available if we consider getting to the area by transportation. Turkish Airlines offers scheduled service to Yerevan if the departure point is Istanbul. The typical travel time is two hours. Consider the visa requirements before you travel. Obtain up-to-date data.

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