Halit Akçatepe, who is he?

Halil Akçatepe


On January 1st, 1938, Halit Akçatepe was born in Ordu. Leman Akçatepe is Akçatepe’s mother, and Stk Akçatepe, who completed his primary education at Refik Halit Karay School, is his father. Leman Akçatepe is one of the actors who has appeared in numerous Turkish film productions. In the Hababam Class movies, his father, Stk Akçatepe, played the role of Pasha Nuri. Additionally, Stk Akçatepe is well-known for being the grandson of Nevşehirli Damat brahim Pasha, the grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire during the Tulip Period. In 1943, when Halit Akçatepe was just 5 years old, he appeared in his first motion picture. Akçatepe was only seven years old when he arrived here, and he later enrolled in the Children’s Department of Istanbul City Theaters. Graduates of Saint Benoit French High School include the master actor. The theater was Halit Akçatepe’s first introduction during his high school years. In the Green Stage of the Green Crescent, this beginning was clumsy. Akçatepe first attended the Faculty of Letters before transferring to the Faculty of Law while performing in amateur theater. However, because of his passion for theater, Akçatepe left school. The play “Flood” in “Oda Theater 4” served as the famous actor’s professional debut in 1960. To date, he has appeared in 43 plays in 16 theaters. The legendary performer, who appeared in his early movies as an extra, went on to portray his characters in touching comedies with great success. Sev Kardeşim, Mavi Boncuk (Mavi Bead) films garnered a lot of attention from the public, and their characters in these films were also highly regarded. In 1960, he rose to fame with the film “Ah Where Vah Where.”

Some movies with Halit Akçatepe

1971: Miss Beyolu

1953’s Honor of the Neighborhood

Köprüalt’s children – 1953

1951’s The Pains of Life

1951’s Guldagli Cemile

1948 Independence Medal

1947’s A Mountain Tale

1947’s Dark Ways

1946 from One Day a Year

1944’s The Innocents

1943 photo of Nasreddin Hodja at a wedding

1943’s Dertli Pinar

1975 Hababam Class Failed

Hello – 1975

1975’s Oh Where

1975’s The Three Stooges

Disoriented – 1974

1974 Hababam Class

1974’s From the Village to the City

1974’s Dumb Millionaire

Are you sure? – 1974

1974’s Bloody Sea

1974’s Blue Bead

1974’s Lives Neither Lives Nor Lives

1973’s My Dear Brother

2007’s Sounds, Faces, and Places

Class Three and a Half of Hababam from 2005

2005’s Love Between Two

2005’s From Bay to Rumpa

2005’s Fifth Dimension

2004’s Hababam Class in the Military

2004 Big Meeting

2003’s Yeşilçam Sea

2003’s My Father Out of the Hat

Greetings, Hababam Class of 2003.

2002’s Vaka-i Zaptiye.


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