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Halil Mutlu

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ur Bulgarian weightlifter immigrant, Halil Mutlu, was born in the Bulgarian town of Kardzhali in 1973. He has won 27 gold medals and is an Olympic and world champion. After David Rigert, he earned the distinction of being the weightlifter with the most gold medals in history. Our 1.50 cm tall weightlifter emulated Naim Süleymanolu throughout his entire athletic career by following in his footsteps. The person who supported trainer “brahim Elmal” the most was Halil Mutlu, a weightlifter from Bulgaria who began competing at the age of 10. The athlete, who competed in weightlifting in Bulgaria until the age of 14, took a two-year break from sports because of the intense pressure he experienced. In 1989, he fled to Turkey and continued his weightlifting career there.

The Sports Career of Halil Mutlu

When he was just 19 years old, Halil Mutlu won his first championship at the Youth European Championship in England. Our weightlifter, who won gold medals in the categories of snatching, picking, and smashing, carried on his success into his later sporting career and won five world championships, three Olympic titles, and nine European titles.

The world press covered the Turkish weightlifter’s record-breaking feats one after another, earning him the moniker Dynamo. Additionally, he became the fourth athlete in weightlifting history to win the gold medal at the Olympic championships by taking home the trophy three times in a row. After suffering an injury in 2003, Halil Mutlu, who broke more than 20 world records at 52 kg, 54 kg, and 56 kg, resumed his sporting career at 62 kg.

The Contests in Which Halil Mutlu Took Part

1992 saw Halil Mutlu compete in his first Olympics and finish fifth in the 52 kg division.

1993: In Australia, he took home the silver medal from the world championship.

Halil Mutlu began to gain international recognition as a weightlifter in 1994, the same year he won the world and European titles.

1995: He took home two medals from the world championship held in China, one gold and one silver.

1996: He became the 54 kg snatch world champion after winning the gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics.

He won the gold medal in 1998 in Finland at the world championship.

1999- He set a new world record at the world championship this year, and his name will go down in weightlifting history in gold letters.

2000- At the Sydney Olympics, he set a new record by simultaneously breaking the world records for the 56-kg jerk and snatch.

2001: Two gold medals were won in Turkey at the world championship.

Halil Mutlu sustained injuries in 2002 that prevented him from competing until the 2003 campaign.

2003- At the world championship held in Canada, he took home the gold medal in the 62 kg division.

2004: Despite the injuries he sustained during the Athens Olympics, he once more put on a fantastic performance and won the title.

He took home the gold at the 2005 European Championship in Bulgaria.

Halil Mutlu was penalized for alleged doping in 2005 by the International Weightlifting Federation and disqualified from weightlifting competitions. On October 31, 2008, Mutlu, who never acknowledged using performance-enhancing drugs, declared the end of his athletic career.

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