Guns Against Drones


7 Anti-drone Weapons Used by the Military and Law Enforcement Around the  World

Unmanned aerial vehicles, which have previously appeared in science fiction movies and dystopian literature, are now permeating every aspect of our lives as a result of the quickly evolving technology. These technologies are uncontrolled even though this situation offers revolutionary advantages in a variety of fields, including photography, the movie industry, communication technologies, and the military. Many industrialized nations have added new restrictions to the law and imposed harsher penalties to discourage misuse and unauthorized use of drones in an effort to reduce these risks and stop malicious use.

Technology companies are also approving a number of new techniques and remedies for malicious and unauthorized drone use, even as the registration and criminal sanctions in the legal procedures of the countries are applied in different ways. Serious action became necessary, as if turning them into armed drones were not enough. Additionally, the primary driver of anti-drone technologies is the threat that drones pose to airports and high-security public institutions in major cities.

Due to the dangers of using firearms, anti-drone technologies generally aim to neutralize drones without harming anyone in order to prevent malicious drone use in public areas. Recently, raptors have been employed for this task in nations like the Netherlands and France. It is also one of the technologies being researched for the purpose of using hunter drones that can throw webs to neutralize malicious drones. In this article, we’ll discuss anti-drone rifles, one of the newest weapons systems created to take down nefarious drones.

Arms against Drones

Numerous technological innovations that have entered our lives are based on advancements and inventions in the field of wireless communication. Many technological advancements, from land vehicles to sophisticated aircraft, have entered our lives as a result of the addition of remote control capabilities to the aerodynamic engineering wonders of aircraft. Since drones are entirely controlled by remote signal, the logic behind anti-drone rifles is that the owner can safely take control of the drone by sending stronger signals in a similar manner to the drones. These rifles use electromagnetic attack to completely control the drone, but because they only use extremely powerful radio frequencies, neither the drone nor the environment are harmed. Due to this, anti-drone rifles are especially well suited for residential areas with a civilian population.

The weapon known as DroneDefender, which was created by the UAV-TECH company, is the first name brand and style that stands out in this market. With its powerful radio signals, the 4.5 kg rifle can safely and undamagedly neutralize drones at a distance of up to 400 meters. With its powerful radio signals, the rifle not only renders the drone useless but also takes away the user’s control, preventing both the drone’s demise and the transmission of images. The drone’s communication system is disrupted by the rifle’s powerful signal pulses, which lead the drone’s operating system to believe it is out of range and enable a safe landing. The rifle, which resembles the fantastical weapons in space war movies, is actually made up of an antenna and some optical equipment that transmits radio frequencies to the appropriate target. The rifle, which is rechargeable, can be used for five hours on a single charge.

Skynet is another anti-drone weapon made by Taiwanese technology and defense company HiGH+MiGHTY. The weapon is introduced with a lot more sophisticated features and has a longer usage time and range than the DroneDefender rifle.

In contrast to DroneDefender, the power supply is separate from the weapon and can be carried on the back of the user of the rifle. The 5.5 kg rifle can be used for 15 hours on a single charge, which takes 90 minutes. It is effective against drones within a 2 km range if it does not run into any obstacles.


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