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Within the boundaries of Germany, one of the founding nations of the European Union, is the city of Munich. One of the most well-known and significant cities in Germany is this location, which has the legal status of a city. This stunning German city, which has incredibly unique architecture, is also one of the major fleet hubs for the country’s well-known airline, Lufthansa. Munich Airport serves as the city’s entryway to the outside world, carrying both tourists and locals. When it comes to Germany’s airports, Frankfurt Airport, one of the biggest in Europe and Germany, comes in first, followed by Munich Airport, one of the most significant. In other words, Munich Airport, which follows Frankfurt Airport in terms of passenger volume as the busiest airport in the nation, is among the top 50 airports in the world. One of the locations that serves as a hub for Lufthansa planes is Munich Airport, which is ranked as the 34th busiest airport in the world by traffic. This inevitably increases owned traffic.

The fact that certain Lufthansa flights went here instead of to Frankfurt was sufficient to expand the airport’s annual passenger volume to above 40 million. This city, the state capital of Bavaria, is now a destination where over 45 million people arrive, depart, and make transit flights each year. Together with Frankfurt Airport, Munich Airport now handles more than 100 million people annually and has become a major hub for international travel. When seen, this airport also stands out as a location where 248 regularly scheduled airline routes land and take off. This facility, which is owned by the German government, also significantly boosts the local economy. For the airlines Lufthansa, Air Dolomiti, Condor, and Lufthansa CityLine, the airport has served as both a hub and a storage facility for its aircraft. There are just two runways at Munich Airport, which is located 453 meters above sea level, and they are each 4,000 meters long. There are two concrete runways. Due to this, aircraft may land on the runway in inclement weather with great comfort.

The two runways of Munich Airport are designated as 08R/26L and 08L/26R, respectively. Approximately 395,000 passenger planes land and take off each year at Munich Airport, which also features a helipad. Munich Airport is a good option if you wish to go to the city of Munich and choose an airline. Scheduled flights to the region via Turkey are organized by companies like Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, and Onur Air. Munich Airport may also be reached by Lufthansa via Istanbul.



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