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It is a nation situated in Central America, which is thought to be where North and South America converge. Considering its size, this nation holds the distinction of being the smallest state in the area. El Salvador, like other Latin American nations in the American continent, spent a long time as a colony of other nations and adopted their cultures. One of the colonialists based on a different European geography, the Kingdom of Spain, had a significant reign in the area and came very close to imposing it on the societies it pressed. Despite the fact that Central America is a very strategic geographic region, its influence on nations has been very modest. In other words, the situation in other nations is not very encouraging if we isolate Panama because of the Panama Canal. In addition to being close to the Pacific Ocean, this nation is situated on the western side of Central America. El Salvador is still not a very promising country economically, despite being able to access international waters without the need for an intermediary state. El Salvador is also debating the idea of a motto, which has nearly taken on cultural significance in the area. El Salvador has done this by focusing on the trinity of “God, Unity, and Freedom.”

As we previously stated, El Salvador, or more precisely, the Mexican Empire, controlled El Salvador for a long period of time, along with other states in the region, first Spain and then, before September 15, 1821, the first exploitative Spain, and then, July 1. It was recognized in 1823 as a nation that had gained independence from the Mexican Empire. Even though an independent state was founded in 1823, it wasn’t until February 18th, 1841 that it was given legal status. As is evident, El Salvador, which has had a very difficult life, is now capable of standing alone as a sovereign nation. Even though El Salvador has a large number of settlements, its capital city, San Salvador, is by far the most significant. In a sense, this city serves as the nation’s political, cultural, economic, and academic capitals. Although it tends to recover economically a little faster than other states in the nation, the per capita income is still significantly below the global average. In other words, El Salvador, with a per capita household income of about $4,800 annually, remains one of the nations in Central America that offers hope for the future.

If Turkey is your country of origin, you will undoubtedly need to take a connecting flight in order to get to El Salvador. We lack an airline that manages regularly scheduled flights directly, so departures via Turkey require connecting flights. In this regard, El Salvador’s and the transfer country’s updated visa regulations must be strictly adhered to. This can take anywhere between 14 and 24 hours, depending on the average travel time with the transfer.



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