Ediz Hun, who is he?

Ediz Hun


Ediz Hun was born in Istanbul on November 20, 1940. Hun’s father is of Circassian descent and currently works as an actor in Turkey. At Austrian High School, Ediz Hun finished his high school education. He later traveled to Norway, enrolled at the Universities of Oslo and Trondheim, and earned a degree in biological and environmental sciences there. In 1970, Ediz Hun wed Berna Hun; they had a boy and a girl as a result of this union. The artist participated in the film “Young Girls,” which was her debut film, after winning the Ses Magazine competition that was launched in 1961. He left the theater and refrained from participating in the mid-1970s trend toward erotic films. Between 1991 and 1993, he held the positions of Counselor of the Ministry of Environment and Director of Environment for the Province of Istanbul. From 1999 to 2002, he represented Istanbul as a delegate for the Motherland Party. The master actor has additionally lectured at Okan University and Marmara University.

Some Films Featuring Ediz Hun

In regards to the Way of Life (2014–2015)

Anatolian Eagles (2011)

Never Forget, 2005

(2005) – Azize

(2004) – The day’s end

(2004) – Relic

Boat of Fame, 2001

I Didn’t Forget (1997)

– First Love, 1997

Rainbow (1995)

(1985) – pity

Don’t Let My Wife Hear (1976)

Strange Bird, 1974

You Can’t Get Married for a Hundred Lira, from 1974

(1974) – Weird

Victims of Passion (1966)

Bar Girl (1966)

Gold Earring, 1966

Goodbye Darling (1965)

My Dear Teacher (1965)

The Last Birds (1965)

A Bride for Three Brothers (1965)

The Wild Bride, 1965

A Woman Who Loves Does Not Forget (1965)

A Game of Heart (1965)

Dangerous Steps (1965)

In 1965, Hiccup

Five Sugar Girls from 1964

Wind of Youth (1964)

– Orphan Girl (1964)

One Drink of Water (1964)

Arms of the Octopus, 1964

The Unforgiving Woman, 1964

Woman of the Night (1964)

In 1964, Mualla

– Young Girls (1963)



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