Describe a 3D printer

Describe a 3D printer

Car Tire Produced with 3D Printer

Describe a 3D printer 3D printers have been widely used for the last ten years. They are printers that reveal a model designed with three-dimensional printers like a real product. Users can have a three-dimensional design that they have designed with three-dimensional design programs or downloaded from the internet in minutes, thanks to these printers. Materials required to print from 3D printers; computer drawing, raw material and 3D printer. It is stated that three-dimensional printers, which naturally cost more than normal printers, will enter our lives more widely in the coming years.

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Automobile Tire Produced With 3D Printer

Describe a 3D printer Three-dimensional printers, which have entered every part of our lives, have also started to appear in the automobile industry. Michelin, which has a great reputation geographically especially in France and Europe and plays a role in the world tire leadership market, introduced the first automobile tire produced using 3D printers.

Michelin; It introduced its prototype tire, which was produced with a three-dimensional printer called Vision, in Montreal. If the tire shown in this presentation is put into use in our normal lives, car owners will not need to change their vehicle tires for a long time. Although the replacement period of automobile tires varies depending on the conditions of use, they need to be replaced every five years on average. From this point of view, three-dimensional printers will be both economical and user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Non-Explosive Eco-Friendly Auto Tires Are Coming

Describe a 3D printer, Tires produced with 3D printers have a very different structure from traditional tires. Thanks to the sensors on the tires, all information about the tire can be accessed instantly. In addition, it can easily return to its lost structure as a result of friction. These tires are inspired by nature and never burst. Therefore, there is no need to inflate it. It would not be a wrong description if we compare it to the lung organ in the human body. Tires that act like lungs can be controlled by users through special applications. In addition, users can order tires according to their driving characteristics with these application programs. These tires have a structure that can be decomposed by bacteria. With this feature, it draws attention in terms of being an environmentally friendly tire. Because materials such as bamboo, paper, tin, wood and plastic are used in its construction. Unlike the tires we use today, these tires can be easily recycled when they reach the end of their useful life. Although it currently exists as a prototype, it holds great promise for nature conservation. It is stated that Vision prototype tires, which attract great attention in terms of their features, production, user and nature friendliness, may be put into use within the next ten years.



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