Describe 5G. How Come It’s Important?


Technology for fifth-generation mobile communications (5G) has not yet fully entered Turkey’s agenda. But the switch to 5G is rapidly approaching. what will happen then?
Over the past few years, 4G technologies have proliferated over the world, but service providers have already begun developing 5G. We transitioned from 3G to 4G for a far shorter period of time than we did from 2G to 3G. In a shorter period of time, 4G to 5G migration is anticipated. The needs of the users are the primary consideration here. Mobile networks are running low, and operators are beginning to concentrate on introducing faster, higher-capacity technologies as mobile customers want more data and speed. The completion of this procedure will result in the gradual introduction of 5G into our daily life.

What do all these Gs imply then?

The term generation is represented by the letter G in the name 5G, which also stands for wireless and mobile communication technology. The speed at which data may be wirelessly delivered determines these generations. Each generation also differs structurally and in terms of data processing techniques. Each generation must, however, be able to recognize and manage the structure of the generation before it. The cellular structure of 1G was analog. CDMA, GSM, and TDMA technologies were introduced by 2G technology. Additionally, these were the first digital mobile technologies. We have also seen that mobile phones have become small enough to fit into everyone’s pockets as a result of GSM technology.

On the other side, 3G technology revolutionized the pace of data transmission. Data transmission that started at 200 kbps and reached megabits per second is now possible thanks to EVDO HSPA and UMTS. As a result, we were able to browse the web more quickly, conduct video chats over our cell phones, and watch films on YouTube without any discomfort.


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