Deli Dumrul: a who?

Deli Dumrul

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Turkish history is filled with mythologies about heroes. The hero mythology of Deli Dumrul is one of them. The Dede Ata tales served as the inspiration for Deli Dumrul’s heroic tale, which is thought to have occurred during the Altai period. The historical records provide the following account of Deli Dumrul, also known as Deli Tugrul and Dungrul.

The Deli Dumrul Story


A brave and reckless bandit named Deli Dumrul acts as a roadblocker, according to the tale of Deli Dumrul, which takes its most potent form from the tales of Korkut Ata. After acting as a bandit for a while, Deli Dumrul attracted Allah’s wrath when a person crossed a large bridge he built over the Danube without passing 30 akce and beat him for 40 akçes. As a result, he encounters Azrael, who came to take his life and does not desire to give it. Deli Dumrul starts challenging Allah because of his fearless and crazy personality. The death angel, however, gives up the fight after recognizing the greatness of Allah and witnessing Azrael’s menacing form. Allah then shows Deli Dumrul mercy and tells him to bring the life of someone else rather than his own. Deli Dumrul, who inhaled alongside his parents, passed along the directive from Allah to them. His parents don’t give their lives because they believe that their souls are sweeter than those of their kids. Deli Dumrul then goes to his wife and informs her of the circumstance. Finally, he consents to pass away out of compassion for his wife, Deli Dumrul. Deli Dumrul starts pleading with God because he cannot bear to see his wife sacrificed. God then shows them mercy and pardons them. Additionally, he extends the lives of Deli Dumrul and his wife by 140 years. He later gives Azrael the order to kill Deli Dumrul’s parents. On the other hand, Deli Dumrul begins to live contentedly with his wife for the 140 years that God gave him.


Details about Deli Dumrul


Deli Dumrul is a tall man with a broad body and piercing eyes.

He has a courageous and rash personality.

– In addition to being brave, he also has emotion.

He receives 40 coins from people who cross a bridge he built over the Susuz Stream, and 30 coins from people who don’t.

Deli Dumrul is a story hero who defies everyone because he is very assured of his own strength.

He never smiles, maintains a stern demeanor, and sports a mustache that hangs down from the top to the bottom.

– In the end, he stopped being a bandit with Allah’s pardon and lived a happy 140 years with his wife.


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