Cuneyt Arkin, who is he?

Cuneyt Arkin

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On September 8, 1937, Cuneyt Arkin was born in the Eskişehir village of Karaçay. Fahrettin Cüreklibatur is who he really is. The artist attended Eskişehir Atatürk High School to finish his high school education; his father’s name is Hac Yakup Cüreklibatur. Istanbul Medical Faculty’s Cüneyt Arkn received her degree in 1961. In 1964, while working alongside Güler Mocan, Arkn married for the first time. It is known that the couple, who wed in 1966 and had a daughter named Filiz, divorced in 1968. Following this divorce, Cüneyt Arkn married Betül Cüreklibatur and the couple had two sons: Kaan and Murat. Following his military service, Arkn worked as a doctor in Adana before catching the attention of the film’s director, Halit Refi, during the 1963 filming of “Dawn Watchers,” which starred Göksel Arsoy. Once more in 1963, he began acting in films at the suggestion of master actor Halit Refi, who had just won the Artist Magazine competition. The fight scene in the climax of the 1964 film “Gurbet Kuşlar” marked a turning point in the career of Arkn, who produced close to 30 movies in just two years. After a while, Cüneyt Arkn, who had started watching action movies, undertook another Halit Refi recommendation and spent six months training in aerobatics at the Medrano Circus. The actor introduced a new aesthetic to Turkish cinema with his adaptation of his acrobatic training to the screen in the Malkoçolu and Battal Gazi series. Arkn appeared in more than 300 films in total, some of which he produced and others of which he directed. The master artist has worked in film for many years and has received numerous accolades.

Awards Received by Cüneyt Arkn

1972: Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Best Actor Award; 1999: Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Lifetime Honor Award; 2013: (Lifetime Profession and Honor Award) Disability Life Foundation
18th Sadri Alşk Theater and Cinema Actor Awards 2013 – (Lifetime Honor Award) 2013 – (Culture and Art Grand Prize) 2013 Culture and Art Grand Prize

Some movies with Cüneyt Arkn

Raid – 1977
Deli Yusuf (1975) – Epic (1980) – Hell All Around Me (1982) – Biggest Fist (1983) – Grgr Ali (1982) – Resentment (1976) – Vengeance Is Mine (1983) – Station (1977) – Karate Professionals in Istanbul (1974) – Last Step to Death (1983) – Dreams Die First (1981) – Bitter Days (1981) – I Will Not Love Anymore
Battal Gazi Epic, Yigit from Altai, Battal Gazi is Coming, Battal Gazi’s Revenge, My Father and Me, and Sky Flag were all released between 1971 and 1974.
Hadji Murat, a 1967 film Hadji Murat is Coming, a 1968 film
1977’s Hakans Collide
1965’s “Four Women in the Harem”
The Three Horsemen of Khorasan: 1965 Bahadar from Khorasan: 1965 Expatriates: 1964.

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