Canan Tan: who is he?

Canan Tan

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She was introduced to Ankara, Turkey, in 1951 by Canan Tan. He attended the pharmacy program at Ankara University. She decided to get married in 1971, the year she graduated. The author, who got married and spent a lot of time in Diyarbakr, eventually moved to Zmir. My Son, the author’s book, won first place in the screenplay competition in 1979. Later, the piece was turned into a photonovel. His piece “Whether Purple or Blue” won first place in the Rfat Ilgaz Laughter Story Competition in 1997. It was chosen for publication and turned into a book in 1996 following the humor story competition held in Aziz Nesin’s honor. Additionally, Canan Tan made history in Turkey by writing a humorous story book with this book. In 2002, he released his first collection of short stories for adults, titled “Chocolate Covered Sadness.”



His 2003 novel Piraye, which he published, was the work that brought him the most success. In Turkey, this work received a lot of attention.

He wrote columns for the Yeni Asr newspaper in Izmir. He humorously covered daily events in his articles for Milliyet Pazar. In the “Kazete&Mazete” columns of the women’s newspaper Kazete and the Mimoza magazine “uvaldz,” she contributed articles. In the genres of story, novel, humor, and children’s literature, the author has written a number of books and screenplays.


Three of the author’s books, who has written more than ten books, are in their third edition. Additionally, six of his books were published in their second editions. In the Turkish book market, most of the books he wrote rank among the best-sellers. Readers eagerly anticipate the author’s new books, who is still producing them at a rapid clip today.




The Last Hearts Die

*Dance with heroin from flame to ash

“Virtual States of Love”

Unheard Songs

Chocolaty Covered Guilt

My heart was so in love with you.

*A Streets-Based Ali


Men’s Choir of the Desolate


*Unusual Loves


Those Alien*

*Live long, Besiktas!

* Devoted Galatasaray supporter

*My Pal, the Pie Panda

Shima, Princess of the Streets

Why My Son Started Supporting Fenerbahce

“Love way”

*The White House Mysteries

*A Streets-Based Ali

Turkey is pleased with me.

Blue or Purple, depending

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