Buket Uzuner: Who is he?

Buket Uzuner

In 1955, Buket Uzuner was born in Ankara and became one of the most significant authors of the most recent generation of Turkish writers. The author earned a degree in biology from Hacettepe University, worked as a biologist at Hacettepe and METU Universities, lectured at Tampere Technical University (Finland), studied sociology and microbial ecology at Bergen University in Norway, and studied public health at the University of Michigan in the United States in 1986. He completed his master’s degree. He also worked in the tourist and advertising industries. In publications including “Varlak, Twimeç, Turkish Language, Formation, Sanat Olayi, Cönk, Show, Rhinoceros, Argos, Yaşasin Edebiyat, Rapsodi, National Geographic,” as well as the daily Cumhuriyet, he began publishing his literary works and articles beginning in 1977. He wrote under the pen name “Günsu Bertan”. His debut book, “Two Green Otters, Their Mother, Their Father, and Others,” received a lot of attention when it was released in 1991. Following this, he won the 1993 Yunus Nadi Award for his novel “The Voice of Fish Traces,” the 1997 Istanbul University Novel of the Year Award for his novel “Kumral Ada Mavi Tuna,” and an honorable mention for his short story “Purple and Beyond” in the 1988 Yunus Nadi Short Story Competition. He used “Auburn Island Blue Danube,” a book that had a significant influence and was translated into Hebrew, Italian, and Greek, among other languages, as a key source of reference. His accomplishment allowed him to travel to Germany in 1994 as a guest of the Duisburg Library and to England in 1993 as a guest of The British Council. Turkey P.E.N. Uzuner is a member of the Travelers Club, the Balkan Decameron, the Writers Association, T.Y.S., and the Writers Association, TWUC. Both TRT and Remzi Bookstore employed him. She was named as one of the “75 Successful Women of the Republic” in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. His writings contain fantastical and mystical aspects, as well as traces of his biography. He does a great job at using allegories, metaphorical storytelling, and flashback technique. Blackyel Sadness (1993), City of Poets (1994), The Sister of Poetry Story (2003), The Nakedest Day of the Month (1988), The Sun-Eating Gypsy (1989), My Name Is May (1986), and Istanbul Blues (Epsilon – 2004) His books include Silver Summer, Silver Girl: Travel Notes of a Black Haired Woman (1989), Diary of Urban Romance (1998), New York Journal (2000), and Istanbul Journal (preparing for publication – 2005). (2002). Voyages with Selin and Cem, a collection of his essays, was published in 2004.



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