Bern: What Kind of a City?


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Bern is the capital and one of Switzerland’s most significant cities. Switzerland is a nation in Central Europe. It is incorrect to believe that Zurich is referred to as Switzerland’s capital by the general public. Although Zurich is a major city in Switzerland, the capital is Bern. Our relationship between Istanbul and Ankara and this are somewhat similar. Despite not being a member of the EU, Switzerland, one of the most significant nations in Europe, is included in the free movement of people because of the bilateral agreements it has made with the EU. In this sense, Bern, the nation’s capital, serves as the administrative center for Switzerland, a member of the European Union. The fourth most populated city in Switzerland is Bern, one of the few cities with a federative structure. Bern, however, is the de facto capital of Switzerland because it was accepted by the populace, it should be noted. Bern is regarded as the official capital of Switzerland, which has no other official capital. The city of Bern is thought to be quite small. But we can say that its architecture is incredibly unusual.

In Bern, there are officially 142 thousand residents. But when the city’s population is broken down by years, we can say that a very quick meltdown is evident. Bern has a unique language that is partially spoken in the area, in addition to German and French. It’s known as Bernce. This tongue can also be compared to a blend of French, German, and English. However, German is the only official language in the area. Bern, one of the world’s oldest cities, has also succeeded in being added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. When compared to Zurich, the nation’s economic hub, Bern, one of Switzerland’s most significant cities and its capital, has a slower and calmer economy. Around 1% of the local population is unemployed. As a result, it ranks as one of the world’s most livable cities. Construction is a major industry in the area, and Bern places a lot of importance on the production side of things.

Bern, one of the most well-liked cities in all of Europe, has a significant educational advantage. One of the top 50 universities in the world is the University of Bern, which is situated in the city. The University of Bern, which is ranked among the top 10 universities in Europe, is thought of as a center for serious research, particularly in the area of pharmacy. Bern, which has a population of about 140 000, also has an international airport. Additionally, the region is very close to the airports of Basel and Zürich, which visitors to the city can use if they so choose. The fact that Bern is connected to the rest of Europe by an iron network, in addition to having a very busy railway line, is one of Switzerland’s greatest advantages. By using this method, many European notes can be reached in just two to three hours.

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