Ayşe Kulin: Who is she?

Ayşe Kulin

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With his novels and biographical writings, he has emerged as one of Turkey’s most read and cited authors. He received high praise for his fluency and use of simple language, and he won numerous honors. His novels like Name Aylin and Sevdalinka have garnered significant attention in Turkish literature, and many of his works have been adapted for the big screen.
In 1941, Ayşe Kulin was born in Istanbul, Beyazt. Her mother is Circassian, while her father is Bosnian. His mother’s name is Sitare, and his father is Muhittin. The author, who attended primary school in Ankara, took a year off from learning as a result of being slapped by one of his teachers. When the institution was known as Ankara College, Ayşe Kulin was a third-grader. Ayşe Kulin began the Department of Literature at the American College for Girls in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, after finishing elementary school. The author’s life, which he lived here while attending school as a boarder for seven years, greatly influences his writing. She decided to begin her writing career after receiving her degree from this institution in 1961, something she had been putting a lot of effort into. In the summer of 1960, Ayşe Kulin first met Mehmet in Istanbul Büyükada and immediately fell in love with him. She then made the decision to propose to him. Mehmet is the son of an English-educated manufacturer. Ayşe married him in 1961 as a result of realizing her dream of studying abroad. The newlyweds travel abroad after getting married at the Hilton. They choose London as their new home after visiting Rome and Paris. Ayşe Kulin manages to overcome the situation, despite the fact that having two kids somewhat interferes with her desire to pursue a degree.


Ayşe Kulin has worked as a stage producer in television, commercials, and movies for many years. She currently works as an editor and reporter for newspapers and magazines. She is also renowned for her work in screenwriting and artistic direction. She served as the magazine’s editor-in-chief for Automobile in 1967. For five years, she contributed articles and columns to the Cumhuriyet newspaper. She began contributing to the Milliyet Newspaper after the publication of her first book, Aylin. The author of this tale was chosen as the year’s best by the faculty of communication at Istanbul University in 1997.



*Adopt a sun-facing posture (story)

*A Sweet Peace (biography)

Call sign: Aylin (biographical novel)

Wide Times (story)

*Photos taken in the morning (story)

*Sevdalinka (novel)

*Füreya (biographical novel)

A Bridge (novel)

*Breathless (novel)

Inside of me, like a red rose (test)

* For my dad (autobiography)

* The snowdrop (research)

* Ambient Noises (novel)

One Day * (novel)

One Day at a Time (story)

* Goodbye (novel)

* The children’s book Tales of Sit Nene

* Hope (novel)

* Window in Stone Wall (compilation)

* Türkan (biographical novel)

* Life

* Tragedy

Explorer of Hidden Moments (novel)

The Book of Bora (novel)

* Revert (novel)

* Creativity (biographical novel)

Handan *

* Sun, a captive

Birds with shattered wings

I am blind.

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