Ata Demirer: who is she?

Ata Demirer


On July 6, 1972, Ata Demirer was born. Demirer, who was born in Bursa, recognized his musical talent at a young age. The well-known comedian transferred to Elebi Mehmet High School in his senior year and earned his diploma there after completing his high school education at Bursa Boys’ High School. With the aid of his older brother, Ata Demirer began performing in nightclubs as a pianist-santor. He relocated to Istanbul after winning the Istanbul Technical University State Conservatory Turkish Music Department. With the help of his friends, Demirer, a musician who spent his conservatory years trying out bar comedy, began doing so. Gökhan Semiz, one of his closest friends and a member of Vitamin Group, gave him support and helped him get into stand-up performances. At the same time, he is also the singer of the ghazal in the vitamin group song “Turkish Cowboys.” Through Uur Uluda, the creator of the Donkey Theater Group, Ata Demirer launched his theatrical career by producing his first paid stage production. He was discovered in 1995 while performing a musical show in Asos and later accepted a part in the Dormen Theatre production of “Funny Money.” He founded the show orchestra “Ege Kumpanya,” which he performed with all over the world that year. One of the most crucial moments in his life was when he first met Uur Yücel. Around this time, Demirer began to realize his love for comedy and left the conservatory to devote himself entirely to stand-up performances. The well-known performer, who gave numerous performances between 1996 and 1998, brought the play’s recording to Leman Kültür. Following the success of this play, he was able to perform his play “One Person Giant Staff” in Leman Kültür in February 1998. In this play, he has taken the stage about a thousand times. Later, the comedian who had been introduced to the television industry through the show “Pirate TV” began to be recognized on the screens thanks to this program, which ran for 42 episodes. The actor, whose popularity has grown on television, appeared in shows like Vizontele Tuuba, Where are you Firuze, etc. His first leading role was in the film “15 Minutes in Low Fire.” In addition to these, Demirer, who made numerous television appearances, later developed a close relationship with the role of Volkan that he played in the show “European Side.” Ata Demirer is known to have two music albums.

Several films starring Ata Demirer


The Vizontele Tuuba (2003)

– Firuze, where are you? – (2003)

– Low Fire for 15 Minutes (2006)

The Ottoman Empire (2008)

Alas, alas (2010)

Alas, alas, 2. (2011)

Berliner Tiger (2012)

Alas, alas, three (2014)


Several TV shows starring Ata Demirer


In “Sweet Life” (2001 – 2003)

– The European Side (2004 – 2006)

– The European Side (2008 – 2009)


Ata Demirer has performed a few times.


Two Man Giant Squad (2011)

One-Man Giant Squad (2005)

In the Ata Demirer Show (2000 – 2010)

The Pirate TV (2001)

From the Air to Sudan (2003)

– Introduction to Anatolian Football Club – (2005)


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