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Anton Chekhov the author, a master of Russian modern theater and short stories, gave his name to a fresh movement. With his attention to detail and realism, he is renowned for his success in the short story genre. He was successful in portraying to the reader the inner world and the desolate mood of the nobility and intellectuals prior to the war. He is still the playwright who is read and emphasized the most today.
He was the middle child of six children and was born on January 29, 1860, in the small Russian city of Taganrog in the south. Chekhov, whose father owned a grocery store, worked as an apprentice to help support his family. They sold their home and departed after the collapse of the shop they ran in 1871. Chekhov attended college after the family relocated to Moscow in 1979. With the help of his brothers, Chekhov continued his education in the medical program at the university and began to submit short stories to lighthearted magazines in order to support his family. During this time, he wrote the novels The Man in a Sheath and Literature Teacher. The author, who gave children a priority in his stories, frequently picked sad and hurt characters as his protagonists. He also compiled his writings from this time into one book and published it under the title Melborne’s Tales. He published tales like Cansz Ceset and Cerrahlk before he began his career as a physician.

The author gave up practicing medicine and focused solely on writing because he could never find enough time to write while he was a doctor because his work took up so much of his life. The author’s overarching message was to fight against injustice, hypocrisy, and vulgarity while maintaining an open mind regarding social or political issues. His works frequently displayed these flaws.
Chekhov maintained his pen despite increased political pressure in the 1880s. He reflects existentially on the duality that emerged with the fall of the aristocracy in Tsarist Russia in his works. The inner world of the dramatized man is the fundamental component of his plays. In his works, where internal debates are frequently seen, it is intended to best capture the opposing feelings of the person.
He practiced medicine in 1892, the year that the cholera epidemic—known as the disease of the age—emerged. He became ill with tuberculosis in 1894. On the island of Yalta, he built a summer residence. He inscribed Mart here.

His success as a playwright is credited to his creation “ayka,” which translates to “the Seagull” in Turkish. A new era in playwriting began with this work. His plays’ key characteristic is their dramatic appreciation of seemingly unimportant every day occurrences.
The author started getting close to Lev Tolstoy and Gorky after he married Olga Knipper in 1901. After that, on medical advice, the author moved to Germany as his health started to gradually deteriorate. At the age of 44, he passed away from tuberculosis here on July 15, 1904.



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