Amman: What Kind of City Is It?


Amman a Gitmeden Once Mutlaka Bilmeniz Gerekenler

Jordan, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula, is home to the city of Amman. Amman, the nation’s most significant and well-liked city, serves as the country’s capital as well as a political and economic hub. Amman, the most significant settlement in Jordanian territory with a long history, is not only the nation’s political and economic center, but also its most significant cultural feature. Amman, one of the oldest cities in the world, is similar to an outdoor museum. Despite being in an Arab nation, the city in question is regarded as one of the most westernized in the Arab world. Considered the most liberal and a symbol of complete westernization, Amman is a very popular destination for foreign tourists in this sense. A sizable portion of European tourists also travel to Amman each year, despite the fact that Arabs make up the majority of the city’s visitors. One of the most significant cities in Jordan and the surrounding area is Amman. It was established in 7250. These regions, where civilizations from an even earlier time frame still exist, are highly significant historically.

Jordan’s current capital, Amman, was formerly a part of the Ottoman Empire. Due to its strategic location, Amman, which held a very significant position in terms of the state during the Ottoman Empire, was regarded as being absolutely necessary by the Ottomans. On Amman’s territory, numerous human remains that date back more than 15,000 years have been discovered. The area is regarded as being very exotic because it is home to the oldest human traces outside of Africa. The region attracts a lot of researchers and scientists because of the region’s rich historical heritage. Scientists from the United States and Europe have particularly emigrated to Amman. Amman, a city built above sea level, is 700 to 1100 meters above sea level. The majority of the population of Jordan lives in Amman, the country’s most significant center. There are about 4 million people living in Amman.

Amman is a city where capitalism is practiced, and the country of Jordan has successfully turned its face toward the west. The city in question is the nation’s largest economic force in addition to its capital. The most significant buildings in the nation, including the stock exchange, are situated within Amman’s city limits. The city occupies a prominent position among Arab cities as a result of its high level of tourism. According to statistical analysis, the city can accommodate about 2 million tourists a year. That’s a respectable amount for a city with a population of 4 million. Furthermore, health tourism is well developed in the city. Amman is home to some of the most skilled Arab medical professionals in the area. Health tourism brings in an average of $1 billion USD annually for the city. In other words, more than 250 000 foreign nationals seek medical attention in the city annually.

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