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Air Transat is a commercial airline from North America that is registered in Canada’s civil aviation registry. Air Transat, headquartered in Montreal, one of Canada’s major cities, primarily provides charter transportation rather than scheduled flights. Air Transat, the country’s second largest airline after Air Canada, is also known for organizing low-cost tours named after the country. Air Transat, one of the most important charter transportation companies on the North American continent, was founded in December 1986. Air Transat, which began commercial passenger transportation on November 14, 1987, approximately one year later, had a quick and successful start. Air Transat, which began chartering and organizing charter flights primarily for the country’s leading tourism companies 30 years ago, has been extremely successful to this day. Air Transat maintains almost all of its aircraft fleet at Montreal Pierre Elliot International Airport, which is also located in Montreal. Air Transat also operates flights at Toronto Pearson International Airport and occasionally operates flights from Toronto.

Although it is primarily engaged in charter transportation, the company also organizes scheduled flights. Air Transat has become a global brand by serving both sectors. Air Transat operates 30 commercial passenger jets and serves 63 destinations. There are destinations that cover scheduled flights as well as those that operate for charter flights. Air Transat, whose slogan is “Vacation is calling,” is one of the most profitable airline companies. Air Transat, one of Canada’s largest airlines, earns approximately 3.6 billion Canadian dollars per year. However, only 43 billion dollars of this income can be written off as profit by the company. In this sense, it is understandable why airline companies go bankrupt one after the other in aviation, which is an extremely expensive industry. Although it is extremely risky and has resulted in the bankruptcy of many airline companies in the aviation sector, US-based companies stand out as the best at managing this situation.

Air Transat, which is one of Canada’s most important companies, employs approximately 2.5 thousand people. Until 2001, the company was not involved in any accidents. In fact, the 2001 Air Transat crash was not your typical plane crash. The Air Transat plane that flew from Toronto to Lisbon ran out of fuel after its fuel tanks ran dry due to a technical failure. Despite the lack of fuel in one piece, the aircraft was able to stay in the air and land in one piece thanks to the extraordinary weather vane design of the Airbus A330s. This is one of the most significant flights in civil aviation history.

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