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Air Berlin is one of the commercial airline companies listed in the civil aviation registry of Germany, the European Union’s locomotive country. Air Berlin, one of the country’s largest airline companies, is second after Lufthansa. In this regard, Air Berlin, one of Germany’s most important airlines, holds a critical role for the country. As important as it is in Germany, the company is equally important in the European market. Air Berlin, one of Europe’s seven busiest airlines, is currently in a serious financial crisis. This airline, named after the city of Berlin, where its headquarters and aircraft fleet are located, operates both domestic and international flights. Air Berlin, which has scheduled flights to 12 cities in Germany, bases its aircraft fleet at Berlin Tegel Airport and Düsseldorf Airport. Air Berlin, Germany’s second largest commercial airline, was founded in 1978 as “Air Berlin USA.” Air Berlin, which began service a year after its inception, has had a successful flight history to date.

Despite its more than 35-year aviation history, the company is experiencing financial difficulties, as are many other airlines. The acquisition of Air Berlin by the German airline Lufthansa, which has confirmed that the company’s bankruptcy is imminent, is also a possibility. In this regard, Lufthansa is one of the leading brands in Europe and the world, which serves as a lifeline for any airline that goes bankrupt and is bought out. If the merger is not illegal, Lufthansa will most likely acquire Air Berlin. Air Berlin, one of the leading companies in Germany, is also a member of the airline alliance Oneworld. As a result, the company will be able to fly alongside other airline companies that are part of this alliance. The company is also the legal owner of Belair. As of today, the company has 52 flight destinations. Only 12 of these destinations are within Germany’s borders, and the remaining 40 routes include many world cities, mostly in Europe and America.

The company owns 117 commercial passenger aircraft. Air Berlin operates 79 of these planes. Air Berlin, whose company slogan is “Your Airline,” recently announced a loss of approximately 800 million Euros. This indicates that the company has reached a point where it cannot even cover its own expenses and is on the verge of bankruptcy. The company employs approximately 9,000 people, almost all of whom are based in Germany. It is possible that the company will continue to operate under its own name in the near future. However, it is operated by another airline. Air Berlin operates scheduled flights to Turkey.



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