1972 Andes Mountains Aircraft Collision

1972 Andes Mountains Aircraft Collision

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1972 Aircraft Crash

1972 Andes Mountains Aircraft Collision, A catastrophic plane disaster that occurred in 1972 is remembered throughout history. Some of the passengers died as a result of the disaster, and some of them had to eat their friends’ meat to survive. I use the word “friends” since the individuals aboard the plane are members of Uruguay’s national rugby team. Despite taking off on schedule on October 13, 1972, as Uruguayan Air Force flight number 571, to transport members of the Uruguayan National Team from Uruguay to Chile for a competition, the plane tragically crashed into the Andes. The “Andes Mountains Plane Crash” is another name for this incident. The jet crashed into the Andes after this unfortunate incident on October 13. Because of its dense nature, the aircraft’s tail portion slammed into one of the Andes Mountains’ peaks during the accident, separating the tail from the fuselage. Residents of this neighborhood have perished there. The plane’s sliding on the ice on the fuselage caused major injuries to passengers in the middle and front rows. Numerous of these individuals have experienced trauma brought on by internal bleeding. There are also some who suffer no harm at all. They had the best luck and made it through.

1972 Andes Mountains Aircraft Collision

The 5-person crew, the Uruguayan National Rugby team, the players’ spouses, and friends were all aboard with the other 45 passengers. When the plane crashed, 29 of them were still alive. The catastrophe claimed the lives of the pilots. Although efforts to find the plane that crashed into the Andes on October 13, 1972 were made, the technology of the time prevented the location of the crash from being discovered. When the aircraft’s flight data recorder was reviewed, it became clear that the accident was the result of pilot error. After the disaster, the survivors first waited for the search and rescue teams for days, but as the days went on, they were unable to withstand the severe weather. The survivors, who spent the night in the plane’s intact fuselage, retrieved all the food and liquids they could from the luggage, but these were quickly consumed.

First off, the survivors, who began to lose the injured one by one, then saw the hunger deaths. Some of them were forced to consume the meat of their deceased comrades in order to survive. After some time, some individuals attempted to flee the area since they believed no one would come to their aid. However, the Andes prohibited them from doing so. The search and rescue team was able to find the accident site and rescue 16 survivors exactly 72 days after the incident, on December 23, 1972. 13 accident survivors later passed away. As a result, this tragic incident entered the annals of history. In 1993, the film “To Live / Alive” was produced in honor of the victims and the dead, with world-famous Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke playing the lead.



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